The Full List of 60+ Materials Available at Sculpteo. And Yes, We Do Metal and Bi-Materials !

At Sculpteo there isn’t a day without getting special requests. It can be about materials, size, model design… We are always happy to answer these questions and provide you a tailor-fit service. Our contact email is

We have plenty of materials available upon request. And, as always, we are paying a very special attention to the final quality of your product.

Here are the materials already available on-demand at Sculpteo, additional to our actual list of materials:

Objet Resins

Flexible Resin (Objet TangoBlack):


Transparent Resin (Objet FullCure 720):

All resins from the Objet Vero family (8 types):

We also do bi-materials 3D printing: 2 materials in the same object (one side transparent, one side flexible for example) !


Transparent Resin:

FDM Plastics


Metals (Selective Laser)

Stainless Steel

Tool Steel




Precious metals for jewelry





Simply contact for getting a quote.


And as a reminder, here is the list of materials you can directly choose from our website:

Polyamid (White Plastic)

Colored Plastic (9 colors available)

Polished Plastic


Silver-coated plastic

Detail resin (white or black)

Spray-painted resin (11 colors available)


Ceramic (8 colors available)

Have a great 3D printing day!


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  • Edgarinventor
  • Jlslairie

    fabuleux ! et bravo pour las vegas. si j’ai bien lu, le verre n’entre pas dans la liste…….

  • 3D

    These need to be added as materials for store purchases…

  • jump jack

    Haw can I print using transparent materials on Sculpteo?
    Are they transparent enough to print lenses?