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Print the Legend: the first documentary on 3D Printing

The documentary Print the Legend premiered just last week at SXSW in Austin. It is set to be the first non-YouTube documentary that focuses on the rise of the 3D Printing community and the stories we’ve come to read almost weekly that go with it. The documentary focuses on bringing famous “makers” of the “next industrial revolution” […]Read More…

Awesome Kickstarter project : Arcology Now!

It has been almost a month since Arcology Now! the guys from Arcology Now! have launched their Kickstarter campaign and they really need an extra push! There are still 16 days to go! Arcology Now! has invented a quick and affordable way to construct buildings using 3D-modelling software, metal rods and people power. On this, […]Read More…

3D Print your golf balls

Joel from 3D Print Life just published a new video in which he tries out some 3D printed golf balls. So check out this 1st ever video of a 3D Printed golf ball being hit. See Joel and other golfers take swings for the first time with some unexpected results!   Source: